The term ‘feature’ refers to any archaeological entity, usually manmade, determined to be visually or texturally distinct from its surrounding area at the time of excavation. At site PG64, features include posts and postholes (palisade/fence or other wooden structural remains), pierholes, foundation and other trenches, hearths, chimneys and ovens, as well as middens and burials. ‘Stains’ are also recorded: these are discolorations in the soil possibly connected to habitation. Sometimes features are associated with interesting artifacts, which helps date them and understand their function. Most features are limited to certain squares, but some encompass two adjacent ones. Larger features can encompass adjacent blocks. Regardless of their extent, many of them vertically extend in several layers/levels.

Since some of the pottery is associated with a block, a square, a level, as well as a feature, it is useful to refer to the list of features embedded below for reference to better understand the context. A download link is available at the end of the page. It is also recommended to consult the relevant Harris matrices, which include reference to features.