The excavation at site PG64 was laid out on a regular north-south oriented grid, fortuitously matching the orientation of the Stone House. The grid consists of several 40 x 60 m rectangles with numerical identifiers (‘blocks’), which contain 10 x 10 m squares with letter identifiers (‘squares’). The latter are deliberately missing the letters I and O to avoid confusion with 1s and 0s. With the addition of levels (1-8), finds can be referenced in three-dimensional space easily.

This resource uses mostly the cropped 2018 version, which focuses on areas with well-documented finds (blocks 179, 247, 248, 249, 318, 319). This version excludes the so-called Redoubt west of the Stone House, which can be seen in the complete 2018 version. Please note that areas of the excavation not associated with the pottery data selected for this resource are shown in cross-hatching.

The 2018 plan of Site PG64, pertinent to simulation pottery groups (Wilson and Dakouri-Hild)