The following collaborators participated in the project:

We are very grateful to Judy Giering and the Office of Learning Design and Technology for financial and logistical support. We are also indebted to Arin Bennett, Robbie Bingler† , Jama Coartney, Jeff Hantman, Matthias Hild, Meg Kennedy, Laura Mellusi, Fraser Neiman, Will Rourk, Karen Shriver, Tyler Jo Smith, Ashley Stone, Lucie Stylianopoulos, Sean Tennant, Zachary Wheat, and Sarah Wells for their advice, help or other contributions. A special thanks is owed to software engineers at Bitsource, who helped write the Unity/Drupal integration code.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the Digital Technology Committee of the Archaeological Institute of America for awarding the project the Award for Outstanding Work in Digital Technology (2020).